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Industry/Economy : The beautiful town of Gaya's culture,history,and tradition - Goryeong

Industry Handbook

Funding Supports
  • Support Structure improvement project
  • Support General management
  • Support Special management
  • Support Commercial technology development
  • Support C2
  • Support Small business disaster
  • Support Daegu local small business development
  • Support Gyeongsangbuk-do local small business development
  • Support Local small business management
  • Support Small business credit
  • Operate draft insurance
Individual Supports
  • Operate [Small business professional job center]
  • Assign industry service personnel
  • Host Careers and employment expos
Export outlet support
  • Operate [small business export assistance center]
  • Assign and operate export prospect business
  • Support International standards certification
  • Operate [Foreign language support team]
  • Support small business export dispatch
  • Recommend trading business
  • Support export financing
  • Support export insurance and export credit guarantee
  • Support folk crafts quality assurance
Small venture business support
  • Support small venture creation funding
  • Operate [venture enterprise development promotion zones]
  • Established and support foundation support center
  • Host venture investment mart
  • Host entrepreneurship classes
  • Check venture business
  • Operate small business entrepreneurship business plan approval system
Small business information support
  • Operate and assign information promotion district
  • Establish informational classes
  • Support technology merging between small enterprises
  • Operate [local small business information support center]
Technology and Quality improvement supports
  • Provide production technology for small enterprises
  • Industry-academic joint technology development consortium
  • Small business innovation development project
  • Parts and material joint technology development support project
  • Excellent technology competitiveness corporation assessment project
  • Technology support university (TRITAS) project
  • Open test research facility
  • Support industrial product test analysis assessment
  • Support meter calibration
  • Operate small business unemployment arrangement information center
Scene contact support
  • Support small business establishment and management funding
  • Operate [small business support center]
  • Host small business establishment class
  • Host business foundation competition
  • Host women’s business product expos
Small business morale support
  • Award the best small business
  • Award excellent technology personnel
  • Operate disaster counter plan class for small business
  • Issue small business certification
  • Explain small business scope
  • Explain small business scope by field
Content Inquiries
Pyo Yong-soo [City History Compilation Committee Tel :051-888-3467]
Last Modified
December 11, 2009
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