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Introduction : The beautiful town of Gaya's culture,history,and tradition - Goryeong




One of 8 myeon in Goryeong-gun. Originally, it’s one of Goryeong-gun but it was named Ulna-myeon after Unra-san(雲羅山) as an area of Seongju-gun(星州郡). It originally controlled 6 villages; Unsan, Wolseong, Beomam, Geoho-dong, Oehwa, and Geumseong but it was transferred to Goryeong-gun on 10th year of Gwangmu by King Gojong (1906) and according to the rearranging the gunmyeon in 1941, it merged 2 dongri of Gueum-myeon(九音面); Unsan(雲山) and Samha(三河); 9 dongri of Heuksu-myeon(黑水面), Seongju-gun such as Daeseong(大成), Naeseong(內成), Pyeongchon(坪村), Oepyeong(外坪), Oesin(外新), Yeonbong(延鳳), Singung(新弓), Bonggye(鳳溪), and Mulhan(勿閑), and 7 dongri of Dojang-myeon(道長面); Beopdong(法洞), Yeonbong(延鳳), Baekjeon(栢田), Ipsan(入山), Yudong(柳洞), Gaeryeon(開蓮), Goseung(高勝) and named Unsu-myeon after Unra(雲羅) and Heuksu(黑水) and is controlling 9 dongs; Wolsan(月山), Hwaam(花岩), Bongpyeong(鳳坪), Daepyeong(大坪), Singan(新間), Unsan(雲山), Beopdong(法洞), Ipsan(入山), and Yudong(柳洞). There’s Seongsan-myeon on the east, some of Seongsan-myeon and Goryeong-gun on the south, Deokgok-myeon and Suryun-myeon from Seongju-gun on the south; and Yongam-myeon of Dalseong-gun on the north.

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