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Introduction : The beautiful town of Gaya's culture,history,and tradition - Goryeong

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The Vision

The 21C vision of Goryeong

Goryeong has a solid future.

The 21st century of Goryeong will be a 'city and farming combined area' where an urban nature and pleasant farming nature is equipped on the rural area with intensive agriculture and will transform to an 'attractive environment culture area' where quality of resident's life improves.

Will transform into attractive culture and tourism area.

The attractive of 21st century area is not just the economics. But it'll be create as attractive area when pleasant living environment, abundant room for personal life, and personalized space for life is equipped. Goryeong-gun converts the conflicts between development and environment as mutual complement structure and create 'Goryeong Agenda 21', an environmental policy with residents. Then, it'll become an attractive space, where everyone want to live.

Will transform into competitiveness industrial area.

Beyond a frame of current local economy, develop a small sized business complex everywhere, which is operated in a combination of knowledge and high-technology, suitable to new industry trend of 21st century and create environment where local economy can strongly settle down.
In addition, will expand the industrial infrastructure and create maintenance and business environment and transform to a competitive business area for 21st century.

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