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Introduction : The beautiful town of Gaya's culture,history,and tradition - Goryeong

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The Symbol

The county flag of Goryeong-gun

A symbol of Goryeong-gun

A meaning of style


Characters of County

  • Gayadoli
    • Selected a character, which brings up the image of Gaya old tomb, crown, and gayageum, and named it 'Gaya' And added "Doli', which means cute and wise

Bird of Country

Flower of County

Tree of country

People's Charter

Goryeong, the capital of Daegaya, is a proud district, which has built brilliant culture by filling the clean water with green energy of Mt. Gaya's chain mountains and restoration of water

The ceaselessly connected melody of Uruk, a long time high integrity and the wisdom of ancestor that have overcome the national crisis is our strength.

We look at the wisdom of the predecessors who planted seeds on the oily fields and who were helping each other with love, and look back our attitude for prosperity and peace for tomorrow.

  1. We remember the tradition of Daegaya culture with proud and develop wonderful folk culture.
  2. We put faith and public good in front and respect property and orders and lifts the spirit of calm patriotism
  3. We work sincerely and diligently and create new value and achieve rich home.
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December 11, 2009
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