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Introduction : The beautiful town of Gaya's culture,history,and tradition - Goryeong

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The History

Gaya Period

Year 42 King Ijinashi found Daegaya
Year 562 Merged into Shilla in the 23rd year of King Jinheung and remained as Daegaya-gun

Unified Silla Period

Year 757 Rename as Goryeong-gun in the 16th year of King Gyeongdeok and belonged to Gangju current Jinju)
Have Yaro County current Hapcheon Yaro) as the spirit of departed
There are Sinbok County (current Ugok-Myeon area)

Goryeo Period

Year 1018 Goyang-gun was remained as Yeongcheon county at the 9th year of King Hyeonjong
Subordinated to Gyeongsan-bu (current Sungju)
Yaro County moved to Hapcheon-gun
Year 1175 Created local officials in the 5th year of King Myeongjong

Joseon Period

Year 1413 Created county officials in the 13th year of King Taejong
Year 1895 After revising the local government organization in the 32 year of King Gojong, remained Goryeong county as Goryeong-gun
Year 1906 Absorbed 9 bangs of Seongju-gun and 3 bangs of Hyeongpung-gun in the 10th year of Gojong Gwangmy so it became 26 bangs

Year 1914

Year 1914 Due to the rearrangement of gun and Myeon, there's 9 Myeon

Year 1930

Year 1930 Ssangdong-Myeon and Imcheon-Myeon merged and became Ssangnim-Myeon so there's only 8 Myeons

Year 1979

Year 1979 The status of Goryeong-Myeon became eup, so there are currently 1 eup and 7 Myeons

Year 2015

Year 2015 The Name of Goryeong-eup was changed Daegaya-eup
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